Our Guarantee

We deliver what we promise--it's kinda our thing

The Goal

By manufacturing ourselves, we use our extensive knowledge to guide our craftsmen into making furniture that is of your taste. By industry first initiatives, like Sofa Guide Quiz, Consultants Help, and design guidelines, we aim to better help you arrive at your perfect sofa.

1 Year Warranty

All of our furniture comes standard with a standard 1 year warranty on its frame.

Avoid Wrong Choice !

Before purchase, go through our Sofa Quiz or have our Production expert understand your choice

Full Customization

Thinking of a sofa you saw somewhere? Or one with deep cushions / hard seats / wooden base/ branded fabrics

Cheapest ain’t best!

We can’t beat the roadside shops price, but beat their quality hands-on

Interior Designers

Let Our Designers help you choose your sofa by matching your walls / flooring / space set-up/ lightings etc

Our Workshop

Our skilled workshop team holds themselves to the highest standards, because they share our obsession with quality and attention to detail